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All Natural Antler Dog Chews


Located in Boise, Idaho we are surrounded by mountains full of deer and elk, which provide us with a natural resource that we can utilize in many ways. Aside from the meat that is harvested from hunting deer and elk, their antlers and hides can be useful in many applications, for example antlers are excellent for dog chews and provide essential nutrients.

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Why Choose Antlers for Your Dog

Deer and elk antlers are a great all-natural treat for your dog. Our antlers are 100% preservative, scent, and additive free. 

Unlike plastic dog toys, consuming antlers provides essential minerals to your dog including calcium and phosphorus. Your dog will be entertained for hours while also exercising jaw muscles and cleaning his teeth. 


Our Products

Red Mountain Antler Company sources deer and elk antlers from Idaho in the USA. Our antlers are preservative, scent, and additive-free. Antlers are the perfect treat for your four-legged best friend.

Deer Antlers

Deer antlers are great for dogs of all chew levels. Deer antlers are long-lasting and satisfying. We have antlers in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large - you're guaranteed to find the perfect treat for your four-legged best friend.

Elk Antlers (whole or split)

Elk antlers are a long-lasting antler product that will keep even the most aggressive chewers satisfied. The chewing process is good for your dogs jaw muscles and helps to keep his teeth clean. Available as whole or split antlers.


The Source

Our antlers are naturally sourced by our passionate team of shed hunters. Male Deer and elk lose or "shed" their antlers each winter after the rut ends. The sharp drop in testosterone causes the antlers to simply fall off and our team spends much of their winter exploring the beautiful landscape near Boise, Idaho, to find these fallen antlers. Rest assured, this process is entirely painless to the animal and it will quickly regrow a fresh set of antlers in the spring and summer.